Expert evaluations of investment basalt projects

Professional expert evaluation of investment projects for the production of continuous basalt fiber, staple fiber and basalt composite products
Carrying out expert evaluations and updating business plans and feasibility studies of investment projects for the production of continuous basalt fiber, staple fiber and basalt composite products
The cost of the error of preliminary economic conclusions is the investor's lost money, and the reputation of the contractor.
The business plan and the feasibility study are the fundamental basis of the investment project, so the relevance and correctness of the data used and the financial and economic calculations are of critical importance to the investor.
The market for basalt fiber and basalt composites has its own specifics, which are not always considered by consulting companies involved in the development of business plans and feasibility studies. With many years of experience and deep knowledge in the basalt fiber industry, we offer professional services for the expert evaluation of business plans and feasibility studies of basalt-oriented projects.
How can we help you?
Our experts are ready to conduct a qualified assessment and give recommendations on updating
Technological solution
Qualified performance assessment of the proposed technology for the production of basalt fibers and composites.
Equipment manufacturers
Recommendations on the optimal choice of technological equipment in terms of price-quality and compliance with the selected technology
Market trends
Updating indicators of marketing research and recommendations for building a sales strategies
Economic calculations
Assessment of the correctness of calculations of capital investments, operating expenses and investment indicators
Project risks
Risk assessment of each stage of the project organization and recommendations for managing production risks
Economic expediency
Assessment of the economic feasibility of the project, taking into account trends, economics, risks.
Why should you contact us?
Preliminary economic conclusions are important not only to the investor, but also to the one who will implement the project.
Our experience is one of our proudest assets
We have been working in the market of basalt fiber since 2011
Engineering team
We understand the intricacies of technological processes and equipment
Modern equipment
We have accumulated and are constantly updating a huge database of equipment from world manufacturers
Current trends
We constantly monitor all changes in the market for basalt fibers and basalt composites, including manufacturers, products, prices, demand in various regions of the world
Partner network
We have a wide range of partners in the technological, financial, managerial and marketing spheres of the basalt market
Our professional recommendations will help you avoid strategic and tactical mistakes at the very initial stage of the project, which in the future will lead to the absence of financial losses caused by incorrect calculations and conclusions that form the basis of a business plan or feasibility study.
Interested in a project review?
Leave us contact information or call us, and our specialists will be happy to share their expertise, based on knowledge of what and how is working on the market now.
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We are always ready for constructive dialogue.
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About the company
Global Basalt Engineering LLC is a full-cycle engineering company implementing international projects for the production of continuous basalt fiber and composite materials based on CBF.
Focus areas
The study of rocks
Equipment supply
Design and construction
International projects of engineering, production and application of basalt fiber and composites.